Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in Perth is no longer a lifestyle. It is a necessity! With Perth’s extreme summer and winter seasons it is essential to have reverse cycle air conditioning units in every home or office.

We are fully accredited by the Australian Refrigeration Council! We have many years of experience in the installation of air conditioners and can safely and efficiently install your air conditioner. Reducing the energy consumption form these systems without affecting the environment is now a reality.

By definition a correctly sized Air Conditioning unit has got excess capacity in the sense that the design should deliver a minimum achievable room temperature while catering for a design volume of people/loading on the hottest day of the year.

Another great feature that the split system provides is its ability to reach the desired air temperature in a heartbeat. Due to the energy efficiency and quality of technology that the split system utilises, the cooling effect that the air conditioner produces is now much quicker.

It does this through creating a convection current in blowing the air upwards rather than directly down.

The benefits that split system air conditioning provides lie in its highly specific room targeted conditioning of air. This means that there is, first of all, a massive reduction in energy costs as only one room is being targeted and not the whole house and also the installation is much more simple and easy when compared to other methods.