Battery Storage

Battery Storage

At PME we use the best and most efficient solar battery storage systems for your residential and commercial needs. Solar power converts the energy from sunlight to DC power and then DC current goes through the inverter which converts it to usable AC power. The excess energy from this process is stored in your battery to use for later.

Tesla Battery

13.5kw energy capacity
Floor or wall mounted, indoor or outdoor.
10 years warranty

The sleek modern and elegant design of the Tesla Powerwall battery not only stores energy but can also detect outages, automatically becoming your home’s energy source when the grid goes down.

Tesla Powerwall  Will store energy from the solar grid, use your stored energy anytime to power your home at night when the Sun isn’t shining or when the power is out during an outage. You can also monitor your home’s energy production and consumption in real time with the Tesla app, with instant alerts and remote access so you can control your system from anywhere.

Alpha ESS Battery

  • 10kw energy capacity
  • Sold to over 50 countries worldwide
  • 10 year battery warranty

This  Range is designed for PV self consumption, backup power, load shifting and off grid solutions for household applications.  It boasts real time monitoring anywhere With Web and mobile apps, compatible with new installations and retrofits. Its German design and superb performance has a long lifespan. It can be stored outdoor
or indoors

alpha ess photo 2
Battery storage options start from $9,000.
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