Solar Systems

Solar Systems

A solar power system can give you reliable power. High-performing systems and warranties are some of the things you want to consider when purchasing your solar system. But you also might want to look at the amount of kilowatts you use daily along with the highest demand or draw you use at any given time of the day.

Choosing the right system that will provide you enough electricity every day to keep your home powered and enough power at any given moment to exceed your draw will be the right investment for your home.

How Does It Work?


Our fully qualified and experienced team will visit and assess your current energy consumption, using state-of-the-art measuring technology.


Based on your requirements and current energy usage, our team will recommend the best sustainable energy solutions and products for your home or office.


Power motive electrical will design and install the most appropriate renewable energy products to suit your needs, and budget. Speak to us about cost-effective solutions.

Our Packages


Q cell tier 1 German manufactured solar panels are regarded as industry leaders in innovation and advanced technology backed by a 12 year product warranty plus 25-year performance warranty.  Q cells guarantee high performance under real conditions With an outstanding model efficiency of upto 19.9% Q cells have proven time and time again to be one of the most durable and high performing solar panels on the market.


Jinko Solar was founded in 2006 and have grown to become one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers. Jinko solar 3 key attributes are quality products, operational efficiency and unconditional commitment to its customers.  Globally Jinko offers a different a number of different animal named series of solar panels. All though efficiency will depend on the Pacific model that you choose for your system. Jinko’s product line have an efficiency rating of 15.57% to 19.88% in the tier 1 range.



Goodwe is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of PV WIFI inverters. 

 Goodwe inverters have been largely used in residential commercial rooftops. With its reliable operation and excellent performance. The goodwe brand image has been well recognised by its customers and business partners worldwide as a reliable and affordable pv string inverter. 

Goodwe solar inverters installed in Australia are accompanied by a 5 year product warranty which is fairly standard amongst manufacturers and can be extended


Are world leader in solar technology and Australia’s most popular inverter.

Fronuis inverters are efficient and reliable ranging from 1.5 to 2.70 kW they guarantee stability for any size system whether it’s a family home or large scale system.  

Fronius ensures reliable system monitoring and straight forward integration into other systems. The hardware is quick to install and software easy to use.  They have a range of accessories creating a perfect solution for every application.


Hawaii is a hybrid battery ready inverter.  Its simple plug and play design makes it highly desirable among the market. Its state-of-the-art technology and online monetary system is easy to set up and user friendly. This safe and reliable inverter is highly desirable in the residential sector.

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