Solar Battery Installation Palmyra


Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd specialises in solar battery installation, along with other electrical services as well, serving Palmyra and its surrounding areas. Expect quality workmanship from our expert installers who are licenced and certified electricians to do the job to your utmost satisfaction. Having a professionally installed solar battery lets you utilise your solar power system efficiently so you can totally rely on it when you need it the most. Proper installation of a solar battery can only be done by professionals to ensure that they will work to their full capacity.

Usually, solar battery installation involves a site visit to assess the area where it will be set up, designing the system, procuring the necessary equipment, installing the battery, wiring it and connecting it to the solar panels and inverter, testing it, and checking, and finally monitoring and maintenance to make sure it is performing in its full potential. Just a reminder, all these should be done by a licenced and certified electrician as the installation involves high voltage of electricity. PME’s solar power installation team has all the credentials necessary to perform such tasks in Palmyra.

Our Installation Process

Before the solar panel, inverter, and solar battery installation happens, we evaluate the installation site, checking your roof orientation and available space to determine the kind of solar panel and battery placement that we will be installing. We will also check your energy use patterns as this will help us determine the kind of solar panel system that will suit your requirements. Note that we can also mount the solar panel system on the ground provided there are no objects blocking the sunlight.

Many homeowners choose to have the battery installed in their garage or basement. We will then wire the system by installing a backup gateway that connects to the mains and the utility meter. While it sounds simple, you will need experts to do this as this involves handling high voltage of electricity. Once installation is complete, we will test the system, performing a series of tests to verify the functionality of the solar panels, solar battery, inverter, etc.

You will also have a monitoring system that will show the real-time information of your solar panel system. The information will show you the energy generation of the solar panel system, the battery charge levels, energy consumption, and any grid-related interactions. This can be a software download or an app that will be given to you. It will also include alerts, battery monitoring, system faults monitoring, etc.

Who We Are

Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd is a family-owned and operated company providing a full range of domestic and commercial electrical services. With 20 years’ worth of experience, PME gives you its word that you will get high-quality workmanship that has earned the trust of our clients across the Perth metro, WA and surrounds. From planning and design to the installation of solar power panels, lights and switchboards, and all things electrical, you can depend on our passion to provide the best electrical service to your utmost satisfaction.