Solar Battery Storage System Perth


If you’re home or business depends on solar power, a solar battery storage system is what you need! Good thing Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd has branded ones like Tesla and Sungrow that can help you store excess solar energy which you can use when you need it. More than just providing you with backup power, these storage systems also generate energy after hours that is stored in the system for future use. The solar battery storage system works by converting solar energy to DC power that goes through the inverter transforming it into usable AC power.

What’s In It For You?

While having solar panels is a step towards generating your own electricity by using alternative means, the right solar battery storage system lets you be energy-independent. The system can store solar power during the day so you can use it for the entire evening. And when power outages happen, the battery system also acts as your emergency backup. You also save money on your electricity as you will be using solar power more and less from the utility company. And if you’re environmentally conscious, using the system helps reduce carbon footprint thereby protecting the environment; the solar energy stored can be used to power and recharge other devices.

Tesla Battery

With a modern design that seamlessly blends with any home and office interior and exterior—you can mount it on the floor or your wall—the Tesla Powerwall battery not only stores solar energy but can detect outages, becoming your automatic energy source in the event of a grid outage. Having a 13.5kw energy capacity, the Tesla Powerwall can run small loads and appliances for more than a day. You can also monitor the energy production and consumption in real time using the Tesla app which gives you control of the system wherever you are. Comes with a 10-year warranty.

Sungrow Battery

Ideal for household applications, the Sungrow systems are being sold in over 150 countries. It’s designed for PV self-consumption, where the PV electricity generated meets the needs of your household while minimising, even excluding the use of electricity from the grid. This makes for energy efficiency, as transmission losses are reduced, allowing you to save on operating costs. The system also provides power backup, load shifting, and off-grid solutions. With a 25.6kw capacity, the system produces an average of 40kwh a day, letting you run appliances for a big household. This durable system comes with a 10-year warranty.

Whatever your choice will be, we will be happy to install your choice of solar battery storage system in your home or office.

Who We Are

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