Solar System Company


If you’re looking for a solar panel system company, look no further than the one that’s been trusted by hundreds of homes and businesses for 20 years—Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd. We install solar panel systems impeccably, almost as if they’re an integral design of your home or office. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we have built our reputation of delivering excellent workmanship that is timely and within budget all the time. This has made us the go-to solar panel system company for many homeowners and business owners in the Perth metro, WA and surrounding areas.

Trust Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd to professionally install your solar panel systems. We have experts who have done many installations of solar panels for homes and offices, big and small. We understand your need to be energy efficient especially when power prices keep on going up. More than the energy-efficient solar panel systems that can help you curb your operating costs, you will need licenced and certified professionals to install these solar panel systems professionally. One that has 20 years of industry experience and can guarantee excellent workmanship like no other.

We Do It Right

Proper installation is key to maximising your solar panel systems. We at Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd have mastered its professional installation, having done installation projects of various scales for many years for both residential and commercial clients across the Perth metro, WA and surrounding areas. The right way of installation will efficiently capture the maximum amount of sunlight, powering up your solar panels so you can use it as your alternative power source effectively.

While the roof is the most common place to install solar panels, we can also install them in an area that’s free from objects that block the sunlight using a mounting system. Our accredited and certified CEC installers and licenced electricians use only Australian-certified mounting and electrical equipment to do the solar panel system installation. Once these are installed, we connect the solar inverter to the system, specifically to the solar battery and the consumer unit to generate electricity.

Our Power Bundles

Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd is your solar panel system company offering comprehensive packages that will fit your requirements. Available in 3KW, 6KW, and 10KW configurations, our packages feature solar panels from quality brands like but not limited to Q Cell and Jinko Solar, along with a premium inverter from leading brands like Sungrow, Froniuss, and Goodwe. These power bundles guarantee superior performance for many years along with warranties for your peace of mind. Let’s find out which package best suits your needs. Call us today!

Who We Are

Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd is a family-owned and operated company providing a full range of domestic and commercial electrical services. With 20 years’ worth of experience, PME gives you its word that you will get high-quality workmanship that has earned the trust of our clients across the Perth metro, WA and surrounds. From planning and design to the installation of solar power panels, lights and switchboards, and all things electrical, you can depend on our passion to provide the best electrical service to your utmost satisfaction.