Solar System Contractor


Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd is your reliable solar panel system contractor trusted by many for their electrical needs, particularly those who want solar panel systems installed in their homes or offices. We’re here to help you find the best way to save on your electrical consumption by having the best solar panel system contractor who cares about your woes. We will guide you towards the light, literally, for a cost efficient and cost-effective electrical power management that will impact your monthly bills positively.

If you’re looking for a solar panel system that will help you cut costs in your monthly bills, we at Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd can provide you with great options. Our solar panel system contractor is well-versed in these things, having taken on hundreds of installations for homes and businesses across the Perth metro, WA and surrounds. With a team of certified CEC installers and licenced electricians as part of the team, our team will ensure you’ll have flawless installation service and high-quality workmanship when your solar panel system is installed.

Professional Installation Guaranteed

The licenced electricians and certified CEC installers of Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd as led by our team can guarantee the right installation of your solar panel systems. The key in professionally installing solar panels is the location where they can efficiently capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Usually, your roof is the ideal location for solar panels. And if that’s not possible, we can use a mounting system for your solar panel system. Proper installation of the solar panel system usually yields up to 15% energy efficiency.

Our Packages

More than the high performance and warranties our solar panel systems carry, Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd provides you with packages for your solar panel requirements. We have packages that come in 3KW, 6KW, and 10KW along with solar panels from manufactures like Q Cell and Jinko Solar plus a high-quality inverter from brands like Sungrow, Fronius, and Goodwe. To maximise the solar panel system to its full potential, we only use Australian-certified mounting and electrical equipment that is installed by our very own accredited and certified CEC installers and licenced electricians.

Our Process

Once you’ve decided to have a solar panel system installed, our team of experts can visit or we use state of the art satellite imagery and calculations to check and inspect your current energy consumption in your home or office. We use the latest measuring technology to help us in drafting our recommendations. Once we finish the evaluation, we then suggest which solar panel package is the best one based on your energy consumption. Once you agree to the package, we will then schedule the installation and design and install the system. Do not hesitate to talk to our solar panel system contractor so we can come up with the best recommendation for a cost-effective and cost-efficient solution.

Who We Are

Power Motive Electrical Pty Ltd is a family-owned and operated company providing a full range of domestic and commercial electrical services. With 20 years’ worth of experience, PME gives you its word that you will get high-quality workmanship that has earned the trust of our clients across the Perth metro, WA and surrounds. From planning and design to the installation of solar power panels, lights and switchboards, and all things electrical, you can depend on our passion to provide the best electrical service to your utmost satisfaction.